Consumer Complaints Service: FAQ

DMASA Consumer Complaints Service

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa provides a free Complaints Service for Consumers who are experiencing problems with members of the Association.

We are interested to hear about any complaints you may have regarding communications you have received from any of our Members. We would also be grateful to hear from you if you have any compliments or suggestions.

We have a Referral Protocol in place with the National Consumer Commission,  and regularly submit reports to their offices regarding complaints we have received.

Below are some typcal questions we receive, and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DMASA does not have consumer details as we do not do any marketing because we are a member association.

The DMASA does not sell consumer details for marketing purpose.  

The DMASA does not have you on their list as we do not keep a marketing prospect list so we are unable to remove you from any list. The service we offer to consumers is called the Do Not Contact Me List also known as the Opt Out register which is a purely voluntary registration process. 

No such database exists. This is merely an excuse some companies use when questioned about the origins of their consumers’ details.

The Opt Out Register/Do Not Contact List only assures that our member companies will not contact the consumer. 

Please note that registration on the Opt Out Register/Do Not Contact List takes a maximum of 6 weeks to be fully effective and for members of DMASA to stop sending you marketing promotions. 

By registering on the Opt Out Register / Do Not Contact List, you are able to reduce the amount of these communications provided they originate from our member companies. A list of our members is available on the site.

Rest assured that the Opt Out Register / Do Not Contact List does not affect communication already consented into. Please confirm with the company internal structure as there may be a problem.

Every company is obligated under law to both offer the consumer an opt out platform at all times and to upon request, furnish the consumer with details as to where their (consumer) information originates from.  


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