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DMASA and our technology partner have put in place stringent security measures to ensure that the details of the consumers who have registered on the Opt Out register are carefully safe guarded.

The ID number is the only constant variable which does not change. This ensures that our members are able to identify the consumer specifically and thus refrain from sending communication to the individual. 

Simply click onto the “Do Not Contact Me List/Opt Out” icon on our website:  www.dmasa.org  and follow the instructions. 

Unfortunately not. This is due to our service only being accessible to companies which are members of the DMA. It will however, significantly reduce the amount of communication you receive.

All organisations who are members of DMASA are listed on our website. 

Because of the 6 week grace period, given to our members, after a consumer has registered there may still be some communication received because the organisation may have already sent out the campaigned communication.

You will need to obtain as much information and proof of the communication received from our member who has contacted you as possible and forward it to complaints@dmasa.org. 

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